Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Valentine's mini-Vacation 2013

In Spanish Fork the snow is melting.  There are still huge icy piles, but these are the last bastions of winter.  I feel extremely positive.  I am starting to write a "Future Journal" where I put in specific dates and write as if that day had already happened like I want.  It's a very interesting exercise, to fill in all the details.

The big news from this week is that my wife and I went on a one day mini-vacation to celebrate Valentine's Day.  This is something we planned well in advance and Tamie had the whole itinerary planned out as she usually does.

The short version is that we went out to dinner, stayed at a bed and breakfast then spent the morning at City Creek Mall.  That place if fantastic, just to walk around.  I tried to get Tamie to splurge on something but she just wouldn't do it.  She's got a mental block that I'm trying to break down, to get her in the mindset of prosperity.  Things are going well.  The bottom isn't going to fall out.  Elsewise there's never really any security, there will just be a neverending miserly quest to finally be "safe".  We are creatures of the wilderness, eminently equipped to survive and thrive day by day.  Humans are super-adapters.

Just as we were leaving she saw this bag she just loved, so I dragged her in the shop and picked it up for her.  It makes her feel like a million bucks.  She's now carrying around her old ratty busted up purse inside the new bag.  That is so Tamie.

Also, the night before we went for a couple's massage at Sanctuary, one of our favorite spots.  Inside the spa there's this softly-lit buddhist temple thing where you sit and relax for a while, then two women come out and scrub your feet then lead you to an inner chamber with a barely lit dome overhead.  They do aroma-therapy then lay you down on heated tables and get to work.  It's outstanding.  Unfortunately, I can't shut up so I'm jabbering on and making cracks.  Oh, when will it ever end?  Then the two women leave you alone in the candle-lit room with some treats, herbal tea, and water and a super-deep tub in the corner.  It's all quite deluxe.

That whole complex (about six rooms, a hall, and an antechamber) is now going to be incorporated into Mountain Valhalla 2.0.  Yes, a full on spa on site.  This whole time, as we're going to various shops I'm just popcorn-popping new ideas for business.  A change of environment can stimulate the idea factory.  I especially liked this one shop called Lush.  They had amazing environment and these little demo tables where they could show you how each thing worked.

I'm always a little skittish to relate "luxury" type experiences.  Because we're all supposed to be busted up and broke right?  Well, not anymore.  I dreamed and worked creatively and this is where I'm at after nine years.  And guess what?  It's only going to get better.  I'm going to bring joy, inspiration and ultimate wargaming to the world.  Good things will flow through me to others.

I believe that the dreaming part, the mind-work to build up a persistent positive image, is the real key.  Anyone can start with two hands and a mind and unfold it stage by stage.  To all those that read this I say "bless you".

Lastly, I have started a mentoring program which is worth every penny and more.

This was really incredibly quality time and we really felt more in harmony afterwards.  I hope to do this a lot more in the future.  I'm currently rustling up the funds so we can go on another mini-vacation for our Anniversary in late March.

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