Monday, March 25, 2013

Complete Baller

Hello again you handful of loyal followers, much appreciated.

I bought my dream car this week.  It's a new Chevy Equinox, the same as the picture I've had on my vision board for eight months.  It makes me happy inside.  I wash and detail it every day.  I feel like a major league executive every time I am in the driver's seat.  The first time I've actually been romantically in love with a vehicle.  I get it now. 

For the last eight months I've had no car at all, bumming rides off my workers.  Pathetic.  Oh, and thank you so much to all the people who gave me rides.  It all started last July when I read an article called the "vacuum law" which says you must give to receive.  Give first with nothing in return.  I looked at my '94 van, which was in good repair and fully paid and then signed the title over to a young couple without looking back.  Then nothing happened.  Then in the last month it all came together in quite a miraculous and unexpected way. 

What's on your vision board?  Have you made clear in an exact way exactly what you want?  Or are you still making up your mind?  You can't move forward with only a vague notion, with a "someday" to figure it out once your ship comes in.  Don't wait for the ship.  Get your ticket.  I would encourage you the reader to go online right now and buy your car in your mind.  It's a lot of fun.  Don't let any voices dissuade you.

This is only one particular item, the same concept can apply to any material object, physical attribute (a nice smile for example), a personal trait or virtue, or a relationship.  Get it clear in you mind.  Be sure you are truly excited about it and find a picture.  Then put it on your wall.  So, today it's a car.  If you could have any car in the world regardless of price, what would it be?  This is honesty.  If you let something hold you back you are being dishonest in a way because you know you want X but you're willing to let your voices tell you no and you settle for something less.

In my mind I'm a complete baller.  I'm a king.  A conquering hero who walks the land.

Anyway, on Saturday I headed up to the local game shop to pick up the Daemon army books.  Next door there is this old diner called the Purple Turtle which my wife remembers from her childhood, it's been there forever.  The food is greasy diner fare and pretty gross.
I had a handyman come out to take stock of all the huge list of stuff that needs to get done at my house.  My home has had the marrow sucked out by the business.  Every spare dollar has gone to furthering the studio so now I am working hard to get things back into shape.  I am quite a disastrous handyman so it's up to me to "get the money" and make this happen.
On the way home we saw this overturned truck.  That's a huge stream of gasoline leaking out.  I felt a wave of sympathy for the drivers as they were just standing nearby, shell-shocked.  Emergency crews had just arrived, thankfully.
On Sunday Willow was pretending to be sick for a while.
I've been playing a lot of Magic with the boys.  It's great bonding time.  I just love that game and can't get enough.  They are getting some really good critical thinking skills from it.  They can both give me a run for my money.

Today was a moment of wonder at the shop.  Downstairs in the artists' pool it was a hive of happy activity.  Just like I've always imagined and hoped.  It was a moment of beauty and bliss.  I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.  I am so grateful to be surrounded by such good people.

Tonight I got home, washed and detailed my baby, excising every flake of dust.  My kids came out and helped me.  I spent some time with my lovely wife, just talking some things over, then played some Magic with Griffin.  We had an easter-themed family home evening and ate some carrot cake.  Now it's off to dream-land for me with wondrous visions of goodness and prosperity.

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