Sunday, February 24, 2013

We Travel the Land in our Battle Tram

This week I took two days off to do a mini-vacation with my lovely family.  We went up to Ogden, stayed in the Ben Loman, an old hotel still trailing glory from better days, but now a bit faded around the edges.

First stop was a theme restaurant where you eat in covered wagons around life-size western-type dioramas.  If you look in the pic above you'll see that in the background.  Need I explain what kind of food is served here?  The kids had a blast.  We stuffed our faces.

For the last few weeks my whole back has been like a trident stabbing me in the spine and muscle.  Mentioning this to my lovely wife she arranged for me to have a massage at the hotel.  The burnished doors of the elevator opened and across the mezzanine was the office door to the hotel spa, the antechamber appointed with lots of plants and flowers.  I was met there by a sparkly-eyed old matron, maybe in her fifties, who shook my hand and introduced herself.  Her hand was tiny and grip unimpressive.  I thought "how is this going to work?"  But I must say that she was a maestro.  But that's not all.  As she worked out the kinks she said "You're afraid of something, you're holding on to something."  Thus I proceeded to barf out something business-related that has really been stressing me out.  It was quite a miracle for me.  Reading this you might not think much of it, but I quite literally had a sudden healing of mind and body.

I realized that the thing I had been worrying about was something that I can't do anything about.  I keep imagining scenarios, but really there's nothing for me to do but wait.   I just have to do nothing, just go about my business.

Feeling relaxed in both mind and body I went back up to the hotel room to find my two youngest kids not sleeping so I took the out into the hotel late at night to just go explore.  Other than a sleepy-eyed front desk attendant, the place was abandoned.  Up and down the elevator we went, running through empty halls, walkways, and dining areas.  It was a fun little adventure.

Griffin started complaining a bit about his stomach, so we got on the elevator to get back to the room.  Two teenage girls were chatting on their phones when about halfway up Griff started spraying copiously.  He was up-chucking like a champ.  Out came all the junk food and shrimp in a steaming pond of digestive acid.  The stench was overpowering.  The two girls high-tailed it out at the next stop, don't blame them.  Once on our floor I hurried him down the hall but he stopped to go another round.  I stared in disbelief as he horked up another half gallon of hot puke.

I cleaned him up and we all settled down to watch the Aquabat Supershow on my computer.  Willow climbed halfway up my arm and I could feel her little head slump against my ear as she slowly lost consciousness.  I slept on the couch, letting the kids bunk with mom and in the extra bed.

Sorry, hotel staff.  PS- I did call to let them know what was up and to volunteer to help.

The following day we went to four different museums: trains, cars, rifles and natural history.  The train museum was especially interesting.  I found the story of that era's industry and inventiveness to be inspiring.  As odd as my field is, I'm still a pioneer and in uncharted territory.  Yes, I just drew a comparison between the transcontinental railroad and my miniatures painting studio.

I got back around 4pm and settled in for a four hour shift at the studio, getting home dead dog tired.  Life is good.  I am happy.

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