Sunday, February 17, 2013


The family and I at Macey's getting some ice cream.

These last few months I've been spending a few mornings every week in deep meditation, laying in bed and deeply visualizing how I want things to be.  I pick a time frame.  It might be just that very day from 8am to 5pm.  I go mentally through the motions.  What results do I want?  I imagine what a certain person might say, what good news the day might bring.

This week I did October 2013 to May 2014.  I must have been more than an hour thinking it through for over an hour.  It was so beautiful that tears were streaming down the sides of my face and onto my pillow.  I am very much beginning to like doing this.  It fills me with confidence for the day and things don't bother me.

If a negative thought or a doubt begins to creep in, I have to be quick.  I have a few protective phrases that I use to block this.  "It's so beautiful" is one of them.  I say it a few times in my mind while I quickly summon a positive vision of how things can go right.  The trick is to focus on the goal, and not always the details on how to get there.  At least not while forming the vision.  The "how" can come later (and will) as inspiration afterwards.  My mind also tries to throw wrenches in the works by showing me in quick succession how there are obstacles; images of how things can go wrong.  Often, this is in the form of a person appearing and saying or doing something to hinder.

The big news is that we found the location for the 2013 season of Valhalla.  The previous week I had just found one dud location after another.  I was really wracking my brain.  On Tuesday morning I got up and surveyed my vision board (my prayer and desire given written and image form).  I noticed that the Mountain Valhalla location I had written down was wishy washy.  It said "this or that" and "at least this".  So I got out my pen and boldly crossed things out and made a definite list.  More importantly, I stated new things that I truly wanted, but thought were unrealistic.  For example: most places aren't more than 10K square feet, and we need much, much more than that, so I crossed that out and wrote 20K square feet.

 That very morning I got an email with a link to a single location that every single one of my (some unrealistic) requirements.  I boldly put forth my vision and the Universe responded.  It was amazing.

On Wednesday we were physically out there doing the survey.  Actually inside this unreal building that I didn't believe even existed.  I went there with my lovely wife, my trusted lieutentant Rob and his wife, too.  We met the two caretakers who were sealing the edges of the pool.  I actually got lost in there.

Afterwards we went to Maria Bonita for some Mexican food.  My plate had this burning cedar shingle.  When I blew it out there was a tremendous amount of smoke and I was afraid it would set off the sprinklers.  So good.

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