Sunday, February 10, 2013

My brief stay on Cydonia

Something you may not know about me: I worked as a puzzle designer for a company called Aneiva in 1997-98.  The game was Cydonia

 More pics

.We played a lot of Quake.

I was going to college at the time.  In fact, it was working for this company that made my four-year degree take six years.  We thought there would be a big payoff, as with a lot of cd-rom game companies at the time, but in our case it just kind of fizzled.  I barely got paid, but was completely sympathetic to the owners of the company who were also starry-eyed twenty-somethings.

It takes a lot of tries doing different things for something to work out.  I thought at the time that Aneiva would be my big break.  Of course, I was looking at it from a very inexperienced perspective, as I am surely now all things considered.

It was here that I learned how to use adobe photoshop.  I got a lot of skills here.

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