Monday, January 14, 2013

Blue House

Had a moment of bliss this week; the whole family in the car on the way back from church (always a clear-minded time) all the kids singing a song from Bear in the Big Blue House.  I can do a mean Tutter impressions.

 As I mentioned in a previous post our water heater went out and it was a week before the part would be in.  And the fixer-upper guy, Tamie's brother in law (who lives a few doors down) was out of town.  So, for the week we used his bathroom for our showers and baths.  Kenna and I went over on day one to sanitize the whole thing from top to bottom and it took three rounds.  It was like the stink spirit scene from Spirited Away.  He used the (separate) tub to wash his dog.  Just ew.  But we were glad of it, a hot shower every day.  Very nice.

And finally our water heater is back on line.  What a great convenience.
 Sunday night the kids all filed into the room to watch Futurama with me.  Griff has a bandaid on his forehead where his brother accidentally bashed him with a snow shovel.
Willow thinks she's funny.

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