Sunday, January 27, 2013

Meanwhile on Planet Shawn...

Antarctica?  No, my front yard.  The wind comes and night and sweeps a layer of crystalline frost over everything.

Dreams and Stories.

Last night I was in my study, curled up with my lovely wife, watching Warehouse 13.  She had just come home from a women's conference and was dressed in white, pearlescent pink, and pale blue.  I looked on her face lovingly.  My four-year-old daughter was nearby at my painting station intensely painting up some scrap figures.  She's good about washing her brushes afterwards.  She's a very attentive child.

A few days ago she made a little mess on my paint station and when I got home I sat down with her and said "Willow, did you mess up my paint station?"  And she looked at me calmly and said "Dad, I have something to say about that... I'm sorry."  She's very articulate.  And I'm very expository.

The rest of the kids are doing great, going to mini-conferences for home-schooling in a nearby city.  There is a whole infrastructure for that apparently.  We met another family from Springville who is the mirror of the ages of our four children.  They've gone over for a few visits and are getting along famously with their new friends.

I am feeling well in both mind and body.  I'm sleeping well, not going to sleep so early anymore, just a regular time.  Day by day improvement in every aspect of life.  I'm happy.  I kiss my wife and kids good night, put on some Napoleon Hill and drift off to sleep.  When I wake up in the morning I spend as much as an hour in my semi-conscious state and imagine out deeply in my mind exactly how I want things.  Sometimes I pick a year.  For example, the other day I did October 2016 to July 2017 focusing my mind like a beam of light on all the details I could think of.

In 2012 I really set out some ambitious dreams and for the most part answered the question "what do I want?"  I thought it would make me unhappy with my current circumstances seeing as they are so far removed from the dream, but that has not happened.  I still get a sense of peace and contentment with whatever I have now.  I look at my house and think that someday I'll drive by it and think "I used to live there".  However, I don't really want to get rid of this house.  I imagine that in about three years we'll move to something better and use this one as a rental or a retirement home.  Between us Tamie and I have five relatives that are going to be quite old soon (one already is!) and I have to think about taking care of them if  they need it.  I've got to get my own house in good and strong order.

The good samaritan wasn't broke.  He had money to pay an innkeeper to take care of the injured man.  Money gives real power to good intentions.
 This pool is really cool!
 Lots of secret magical places.
 A real place in I think Sweden which is the inspiration for Rivendell.
 This is a real place in Utah (or Colorado)  About the scope and grandeur of Mountain Valhalla v 1.0
 An interior shot that I sort of like.
Entry to Rivendell.  Just a picture, not a real place, but it sure looks real to me.

Here's how I imagine the properties will pan out:
1) Studio in downtown Spanish Fork.
2) Current Home as rental or family refuge.
3) Ancestral Home as permanent for Tamie and I.  Tamie already has a dream home picked out, just a few blocks away actually.  Something like that.
4) Blue Table Academy-- a specialist retreat in nearby mountains with a "family" of painters/artists something like Frank Lloyd Wright did with his architecture company.
5) Mountain Valhalla.  There will be two.  The second will have the scope and grandeur of Rivendell.  I saw a video about the building of the Burj Al Arab and I thought "it is indeed possible to build something like Rivendell."
6-10) Undisclosed.

I'm sure this will change as the years go on.

I think that my progress is a prototype of the possible progress of anyone.  I started out with nothing, even some setbacks, in life.  Started out poor.  Whatever I can achieve any man can achieve.  And what other men have done, so I can do also.  Nothing is out of reach.  I believe inclusively that if mankind set it to mind that we could be colonizing other planets.

Back to Earth: On Saturday I headed down to the studio to get some work done but more importantly to play a rematch batrep vs Imperial Guard with my Tyranids.  This weekend I'm finishing up two Tervigons and that is pretty much the whole thing wrapped up (may add some spore pods).

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