Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Frosted Life

View of my back yard.  It has snowed, then melted then refroze.  On Sunday a frost came and made all the trees a glittering white from top to bottom (not pictured here).  The entire valley like an alien planet.  A mild wind kicked up the frost and it was like the air was full of silver glitter.  Surreal.

My wife has been taking the kids on all sorts of field trips recently.  Since we took our kids out of public school a peace has settled on our lives.  We are like a little tribe and all the learning takes place organically (though we use programmed stuff as well).  Our kids have friends in the neighborhood and meet new people on their outings.  I've found that lack of socialization (a common complaint against home schooling) is simply not the case.  They have more focused relationships, fewer but that make more sense.

Like how I presented a single personal experience as evidence against a supposedly prevailing viewpoint?  All sorts of false logic going on here!

For my part I'm doing extremely well.  I've been worried a lot less recently now that I've really ramped up the fiscal discipline both at home and with the business.  At BTP there is a die-hard book keeper who is keenly interested in the details.  Budgets are discussed carefully with multiple layers of scrutiny.  Home and business were strong before, but it's all planned to the dollar now and projected out many months and (more loosely) years.

The year 2013 is the year of consolidation, self-discipline, and home improvement.  I am turning back to the farm-house to take care of a lot of backlog.  My house needs a lot of attention. It is literally falling apart.  My wife needs a new stove, the kids rooms need new furniture and larger beds.  And a host of smaller things like light-covers, toilet-paper racks, and cupboard hinges.  The yard is a wreck so that's coming in the springtime.

Saturday night my wife and I snuggled up and watched Looper, a very well-constructed sci-fi flick which was way more than we were expecting.  I do recommend.

At my home office I have set up a paint station and I'm working on my fungus nids.  I painted up 64x Termagants over the weekend which is no small feat.  I feel truly at peace when I'm painting.  I just love it and to some extent I miss solo-ing.  I'd love to take on a client project myself and do something special on the side.

What's making me happy right now:

When I owned my game shop in Oregon, right around 1998 I listened to this album all the time.  I ran a Changeling RPG campaign with my wife and four good friends (Joel, Hank, Shawn F., and Arin).  I miss them sometimes.  It was a magic time: newly married and playing games with my young friends, all in our twenties.

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