Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tautology- Yard Sale Dream

I had a dream last night.  A flying dream, but unlike others I've had ever.  Normally, there's flapping and not much altitude, yet a sense of profound joy.  But in this one I can move my whole body like a living bullet at any speed with will alone.  I think I'd like to get to Oregon for a visit.  As I speed up to 700 miles per hour over the Rocky Mountains, swooping low for views of the majestic landscape, it occurs to me that the journey will still take about two hours.  I decide to ramp up the speed to 2000 miles per hour.  But then it hits me: if even a pebble or hailstone is in my way it will be relatively like a bullet and kill me instantly.  I solve this immediately by putting up a concave shield of transparent willpower in front of my head to deflect any such nuisances.

Once in Oregon I flash forward to departure to come back.  I am in an old neighborhood in Medford where I used to live walking North down the lane to the local high school (not mine).  In the front lawn of the high school are rows of white flower bouquets arranged in a perfect grid, maybe a hundred of them.  I pass a man in his yard.  He is middle-aged, pot-bellied and looking defeated.  He is selling his white two-story house.  It's all stripped down and emptied on the front lawn.  On the roof of the house is a huge sign on white butcher paper with a single word written large with black paint-- "Tautology" (I had to look up what it means this morning).

At first, I'm so eager to find my take-off site (as ripping it up to 2000 miles per hour in a few seconds will leave a mark on the ground) and I start to pass the man by, but I think better of it and stop to help him unload his stuff.  He is putting it all out on the lawn in a huge yard sale.  He has a lot of stuff.

I think to myself "he might have better luck if he used my studio parking lot".  (This is an important element as it removes the house as a symbol for the studio).

I find a suitcase full of carefully arranged women's shoes.  I think "my wife has got to see these, I wonder if they're her size."  On one show, inside on the heel is a little gold circle with the number 12.  Then I find another suitcase full of DVDs, a bunch of old movies but also stuff that looks interesting to me.  One of them is "Back to the Future".

First off, don't ever underestimate the power of your subconscious.  The Generator, capable of creating an entire reality and making you believe it entirely without question.

This dream is full of beginning and ending symbols: back to the future, going to and from a nostalgic site, an old person wrapping up his life and moving somewhere new, a yard sale, a house being sold, and white flowers arranged like Arlington crosses.  I think it all ties into something I've been thinking about recently: stasis vs dynamism.  The resistance that the ego puts up against new ideas or new ways of thinking.  Why is it like that?  There is part of me that wants to go back to what is old and safe and sure, and another part that is full of infinite power and possibility (the flying young man).  I have to let go and move to the next thing with unlimited capability.

The type of flight is also notable.  It represents unlimited ability.  Why would someone with that power head straight back to the safest, oldest, most familiar place?  And ambushed at the end of the dream by something to keep him from going East, the direction of new things?

There are also a lot of folding back elements here, going back and forth.  Into and out of the house, a school with a symbolic cemetery on the front lawn, a trip home and back again, back to the future, things being bought and sold, young and old.

This happens with people.  When you have a new and bold direction or you pursue an original invention or line of thinking, the immediate and visceral reaction of most people is going to be resistance.  And often that resistance is quite stern.  Even violent.  Don't let it put you off.  Strong resistance is sometimes an indicator that you are on the right track.  Or at least a track to the next level, whatever that is.

Vague enough for you?

Other than that insight, I really can't disentangle this one.  Just remember that in a dream state time and order become all compressed to a single point.  Things are often in reverse order, like a mirror.

I get the sense that I'm missing something, I'm not seeing something.  It's right in front of my face and I'm not seeing it.  I don't mean the dream, I mean in real life.

If you want to see the location go to google maps street view of 812 South Oakdale, Medford Oregon.  The change is that the building in the dream is rotated ninety degrees counter-clockwise.  I am standing in the driveway as if it were a road that goes through the block.

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