Sunday, December 23, 2012


About a week ago I had a dream.

I was in Ashland in winter.  As I was walking down main street, southwards, I happened across a parking lot.  A older gentleman came up to me.  He was dressed all in white.  He gave me a wooden skeleton key.  It had an exact shape and measurements.  I could write down the measurements and shape exactly if I wanted.  It was two and a half inches long and with the shape of an allen wrench.  Instead of hexagonal in shape for the cross-section it was perfectly square.  As I thanked him and began to go on my way he stopped me and said that it didn't operate like a normal key.  He then got out a squarish padlock and showed me how to use the key on it.  It didn't insert into a keyhole, instead there was a horizontal slot along the bottom.  The key went into one side and would slide over from right to left.  The specific shape of the key would then release the various tumblers and open the lock.

Then I turned to the East and I saw choir risers full of women choristers of various nationalities.  They sang Joy to the World.  Three stanzas in English and a fourth in Spanish.

I don't have this one.  It's not coming naturally. 

The key represents an idea.  Something that once known is obvious.  However, it's not an idea that is presently useful.  It's something that will be helpful later on down the line.  Wood represents peace or peaceful means.  This is a recurring element in my dreams eg Christ on a throne of wood.  The lock is a problem.  I'm being shown how to solve something so once it happens I will be ready.

The old man dressed in white is a temple worker.  However, what does he represent?  A person with a special power or skill?  An unknown benefactor?  He is someone who knows something, so clear and obvious, and he gives this knowledge without restraint.

The choir risers are generations, the lowest being the most recent.  Do they represent my varied ancestors?

The key is an ATM card?  That's a sliding lock.

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