Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mosquito Coils

Mosquitos were a big part of my growing up.  I spent part of my childhood in the outback of Alaska.  1979.  We were 112 miles from the nearest civilization, a shack that sold supplies.  No electricity, no running water.  My bedroom was the covered bed of a pickup truck with a pad, a sleeping bag, a kerosene lantern and mosquito coils.  And a giant stack of books.

Before going out I would have to cover myself head to toe with Muskol.  Even my hair.  It was smelly and greasy.

The trick with a mosquito bite is to not scratch it.  Just leave it alone or you'll make it worse.

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  1. That's good advice. I live in South Dakota in the bad lands and its very dry, hence not many mosquitos. However when we do go to the lake or creek I am always attacked by these pests. I have tried some products, but I guess the old school ones are the best.
    God Bless.