Thursday, December 20, 2012

Icicle Fail

I was knocking off the icicles on the front of the studio today and one of them (probably a foot and a half long) rode the pole right on down to my mouth *SMACK!*  Gave me a fat lip and I was sure a cracked tooth, but false alarm thank goodness.  Hard to find a dentist not on holidays.

I ordered pizza last night.  My wife puts all the uneaten slices in a big ziploc bag.  That was breakfast and lunch both.  My wife drove me to work this morning and we happened across a young neighbor walking to work.  It was fifteen degrees out and a biting wind was whipping up snowdust across the lane.  Turns out he works about three miles away across town.  Hopefully he'll take us up on a ride from now on.  That's just ridiculous.

The studio is pretty slow over the holidays, but sure to pick up after Christmas.  I got in a game of Dropzone Commander today, or at least a few turns.  I'm going to learn that game a ton better and soon.

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