Sunday, November 25, 2012

End of the Rainbow

That's my house at the end of the rainbow.  Get it?  Awesome.  I love my home.  I love to be here.

And here come some insufferably droll details about my life.

I spent Saturday at the studio and got in a game of 40K.  At least half a one.  I am furiously fastidious about keeping up on Inquiries emails and it's all caught up.  Josh the art director was in to write up his weekly report for the art department.  We went to the local grocery store for some sushi for lunch.

Saturday night my wife and I went to see Life of Pi.  We got there about fifteen minutes before the movie started and still needed to grab something to eat.  We had some teriyaki chicken on a bed of rice and some sushi.  Oddly, both are items that appear in the movie in one form or another.

We got some popcorn, Junior Mints (for me), Reese's Pieces (for her, she puts them in the popcorn).  I like butter, she likes plain so I always tell the person to do half and half.  It's a fun contest-- that we both verbally try to convince the attendant to do one or the other.  This time the counter-girl caved to my wishes and gave some hearty splorgs of butter on there.

Life of Pi is a really good story.  You've got to really relax and enjoy the story, symbolism, and awesome imagery.  It's a visual treat, but has a really long work-up to the actual main part of the story.  However, it's all worth it.  I class it as a "bed time" movie.  Something peaceful and with a methodical pace.  Just sit back and enjoy.  It's very cosmic.  Just my kind of thing.

But don't expect an action film.

There is this one scene with sharks in the water and a tiger on the boat.  That made me cringe.  I was pulling my legs reflexively up off the floor.  I feel like Pi in my life.  I am accepting of a lot of religions.  I see a truth beneath all of them.  That's what's interesting to me.  Belief is the fundamental power that drives it all.  I believe my reality is a reflection of my own soul.

Night time.  Driving home on the freeway with my lovely wife.  It's like a little pod world with just the two of us in it.  Then home to put the kids to bed.  A life of bliss and peace.  We're still eating Thanksgiving leftovers.  There are now the makings for turkey and cranberry sandwiches one of my faves.  Bored yet?  Of course you are.  But wait there's more!

I'm feeling a little autumn tickle in my throat so Tamie tended me with essential oils.  Some peppermint oil does the trick.  I'm drinking a lot of fluids.  I got to be in peak form for the coming week.  I'm eating mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and green olives for breakfast, lunch and dinner and loving every second of it.  Sunday morning I slept in to like 8am which was pretty sweet.  We got the family ready for church (again, I don't think I'm a particularly good person) which was ... well church.  A bit of peace and I get to see some friends from the neighborhood.

Once home I took a delicious nap, playing some Napoleon Hill on youtube like a sweet lullaby for my soul.

Right now at this moment I am in my study in my PJs watching Voyager on my laptop, the air purifier softly gurgling in the background.  The kids come in now and again to be with me.  Yup, life is pretty sweet.

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