Friday, October 5, 2012

Dream Journal- the Gibbering Mouther

I dreamed that I went to the lower level of a building much like our current studio; a flight of steps going down that open into a broad pillared hall.  All around the room were stored the trappings of home and business-- furniture, paintings, hanging clothes, appliances.  These things were in a state of partial disarray, like someone was just moving in.

Now on to the strange part.  In the middle of the room was a stone or concrete pad.  On top of the pad was suspended a rectangular bubble of nutrient rich water about three feet thick.  It was natural water, like from a pond, but with no green elements in it.

As I approached I could see insectoid and octopoid creatures floating in it, some kicking or drifting lazily.  Some were the size of my fore-arm.  They were revolting.  But the notable creature was in the center of the slab, a gibbering mouther, looking at me silently with its mis-shapen eyes.  With slug-like tenacity it stuck to the stone with a muscoid foot (like a snail's foot).  I suddenly got the urge just to clear out these odd creatures.  None of them were useful and they did not belong in this new environment.

With a thought I drained the water completely, leaving the creatures stranded, gasping and flopping.  Nearby I found a strong hose with an industrial strength nozzle.  I turned it on to full strength and began directing the spray at the chitinous rubbery flailing mess.  None of the creatures had any power against it.  Even the gibbering mouther, when the concentrated and pure water was directed at the foot, began to loosen and its bulk flopped over and was pushed right off the stone pad.  It was a grotesque wreck, a mound of rotting mucous and teeth.

For a moment I felt sad for them.  They were completely dead.  I had pushed them out of their home.  But in the blink of an eye the entire pile was gone.  Once off the source of life they simply could not even exist at all.

I stood with satisfaction on the center of the pad, the hose now turned off.  It was washed clean.  The foundation was once again purified and ready to be built on again afresh.

This is all pretty clear.  The room represents the foundation of my life: home and business.  I am in the process of moving new and good things in.  The concrete pad is my mind, the foundation and source of it all.  The creatures represent old and now-useless ways of thinking, superstitions, and relationships.  They must be done away with through positive thinking (the spray hose) in a single strong direction.  Only then can everything be ordered.  It will be easier than I think, I just need to stay focused.

The gibbering mouther?  Still thinking over what that represents.  Whatever it is, it's going to be the toughest thing to clear out.

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