Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dream Journal- Bus Stop of Infinite Possibilities

[I spent two years in Chile as a missionary.  It's a frequent and positive dream location.  It represents adventure, risk, and high spirituality]

I dreamed that I was in Chile, staying overnight in a hostel up on a hill.  Come the morning I headed down the gravel road towards the bus stop, several missionaries with me.  At the bottom of the road, where it intersected the main paved avenue there was a huge golem blocking my way; a cold and undying monstrosity.  With indignation I grabbed a metal fence post (those triple flange things) and after a warning for him to move I plowed into him with it.  All my might I swung at his head and neck but in amazement I realized that I only bent the post.  In fact, it was bent at the end, the point of hideous leverage which could have felled a small tree, in the shape of his head.  I managed only to mangle my metal.

Cocking my head to take stock of this I realized that the golem was not very fast.  So casting aside the post I just skirted around him no problem and continued on my way.

Soon, the bus arrived at the stop, a bus that could take me anywhere I wanted.  It was a noisy, stocky, dirty Chilean bus with hearty wheels.  In a panic I realized that I had left my wallet at the hostel.  The head missionary promptly handed me a stack of US bills (valuable and easily exchanged in Chile) of various denominations.  It was a fat stack, about two or three inches thick, more than enough for my needs.  I could go back to the hostel for my wallet or just get on the bus and go right then.

Interpretation: pretty obvious wouldn't you say?  Divine providence will supply if only I have the faith to get on the bus.  I am fighting my problems too hard.


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