Thursday, October 18, 2012

Applied Faith

I'm super.  I got out of bed today, chipper and ready to go at 6:30am or so.  The downstairs bathroom, the one I use, is neat and orderly and now appointed with teal accountrements, my fave.  Towels of the same color.  It makes me happy.

I made some Ramen and a PB&J for breakfast and ate them in the car as my wife drove me to work.  About three months now since I created a vacuum by giving my car away.  Still awaiting my awesome 2012 Chevy Equinoxe.

I'm doing well.  Now that I'm concentrating only on today, life is pretty good.  Today is always a good day.  My mind is clear.  I am full of hope for the future.

I'm taking over the Inquiries and Ordering dept.  There is a lot of cleanup.  It's rife with mistakes and oversights.  Bungles.  Nothing to do but plow forward. 

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